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FAQ's / Store Policies

Frequently asked questions regarding our products and store. While we try to cover the most asked questions, please contact if you do not see the answer to your inquiry.


The use of, and ordering through this site, means you have read, understood and agree with any of the terms and conditions laid out in this page, specifically sections as it relates to orders and returns. If you do not understand or require clarification of anything, please contact us prior to ordering. Store policies, FAQ's and terms and conditions can and may change without notice.

What materials do you currently offer for your floor drops and backdrops and how are they for glare?     
Currently, on our site we offer our designs on Vinyl. 
We have tested all our materials in a variety of studio lighting configurations and natural light settings. Even in the most undesirable studio conditions, our drops outperform. We do recommend however to avoid overexposing or over lighting the drops directly to avoid light washout. Incorrect use may produce undesirable results. Also to avoid any light reflections PLEASE make sure backdrops are secured tightly to a stand or wall (no creases or folds as it may cause an undesired look or visible waviness)
Different lighting techniques can change the final look of the image considerably (lighter, darker, warmer, cooler, etc..) We can only use as much ink saturation as the materials will allow, regardless of the depth of colours and darks on our sample images as shown on your screen. This means we can only print a design to a certain degree of darkness/saturation as the material will allow us too. Super dark designs will photograph lighter if lights are pointed directly towards the drops, and give the final image a lighter, softer look.  For the darkest of darks, vinyl is recommended, although the higher than usual ink saturation may cause a 'sheen' on ultradark designs (printed on Vinyl) if excessive light is pointed more on the backdrop compared to the subject being photographed. Light modifiers, feathering and other lighting techniques will help considerably to help achieve deep, dramatic photos with dark printed designs on all materials.  also please keep in mind when ordering dark designs on vinyl it may feel thinner then your lighter vinyl drops, this is not a different vinyl it only causes that feeling due to the high ink levels that need to be placed down on the vinyl to get that dark desired look.

Not 100% convinced?  Contact us for samples of our materials and we'll be happy to oblige.

What is the turnaround if I place an order?          
Each backdrop & floor drop is custom printed, as each order arrives. Regular production time to print orders is between 1 to 2 weeks on average but is not a guarantee, except for when otherwise announced during sales. BOGOS usually are around 30 plus business days as they are our largest sales while other sales hold different time lines so please do refer to the email in regards to those. These times are a general guideline and not guaranteed (sometimes material delays or print issues can hold up an order, PLEASE contact us prior to ordering if you require your drop on a certain date. Order cancellations for sale items MUST be made within 48 hours, otherwise your order is accounted for in our materials we order and we cannot cancel/refund at that point. 72 hour rushed production is available upon request but surcharges will apply. Contact us PRIOR to ordering to make the appropriate arrangements.
We cannot and do not offer rushed or expedited production during sales. Please keep this in mind prior to committing to an order.
Standard shipping takes between 2-10 business days within Canada, US  shipping can be anywhere between 2 to 14 business days and internationally usually take upwards 10 business days. You will be emailed with a tracking number once your order has shipped so you can track it.

What orientation will my backdrop/floordrop be printed in?
Unless otherwise specified in the product description, backdrops will be printed in a landscape configuration (backdrop/floordrop will be wider than it is tall). Dependent on the size of the backdrop ordered, cropping may occur to varying degree's. Most images are shown on our site in a 5 x 8 ratio (works out to be 4x6.5 on 4ft series). So if a 5x5 is ordered, you can expect the left and right sides to be part of the cropping. For double wides (4 x 8 and 5 x 10) the reverse is true and it will be the top and bottom of the design that will be cropped. Backdrop Shop will crop/tile/transform the design at our discretion to fit the required drop dimensions ordered. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Why are my backdrops NOT borderless?
For very good reasons. Your backdrops consist of a printed surface, a surface we want to protect any way we can. The white unprinted area of Poly/Vinyl is there to take the creasing, folding, furling and general abuse of everyday handling, storing and shipping. It can be trimmed off to create a border-less look (by you, we no longer provide borderless drops even upon request) The white border also allows for you to slip the drop around the backdrop stand without it damaging the drop. Certain sizes allow more unprinted hang for protection compared to others. please inquiry with us if you have any questions

Regular upright storage and shipping places the weight of the drops on that particular edge, resulting in some curling, creasing, fraying or scratching. The unprinted area is there to take the brunt of the abuse. The white part of the backdrop is never supposed to be photographed anyways.  If any of the above mentioned flaws are found on, or within 6" of the drops outer edge, it is not valid grounds for refunds, credits, exchanges or reprint.

Do you offer Custom Design Backdrops
Yes we will do any custom design backdrop, if you have your own you want printed, there will be no additional charges, if you require us to design one a design fee will apply. Fee's depend on the amount of work involved so please inquiry with us prior to ordering your custom drop.

Can I order a Solid Colour Drop?

Yes for sure, while we don't have a solid colour option on our site you can select custom drop to order it.. Please note a few things about solid colours, which we do our best to create a perfect drop with solid colours sometimes you may notice minor lines or dots however when photographed they are not visible. Also colours may vary verse what you pick and see on your computer verse what we can print on a large scale.


How does shipping work?
Backdrops and floordrops are shipped rolled, in an appropriately sized mailing tube. Shipping cost vary based on your postal code and the amount of drops in your cart. upon checkout you will be given a shipping charge and available shipping options that you can than select and finalize checkout.

What about customs, duties or additional taxes?          
As we are based in Canada,  items being shipped to addresses in Canada will never be subject to any duties or surcharges. For international orders however, for instance to the United States, there may be additional fees upon picking up your backdrops from your local post office.

These fees may include, but not be limited to, duties/brokerage fees, customs surcharges as well as any municipal/state/federal taxes. We have no control over these charges, as they are imposed by their respective governments, so please keep this in consideration if your order is being shipped outside of Canada.

I'm located outside of Canada, and refuse to pay duties, taxes, brokerage fees and any other surcharges.
This sadly puts us in a pickle. Everyone hates hidden fee's, specially when you've just ordered a killer product and are super excited to receive it. Like it or not, your country/state wants it's share of taxes owed on products. Shipping carriers pay these upfront on your behalf upon importing the backdrops into your country, and as a result may (usually) charge their own brokerage fee for 'brokering' the transaction. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL taxes, duties, tariffs, surcharges and brokerage fees if you are OUTSIDE OF CANADA. In the event you refuse the package, it will be shipped back to us. This however means we have to pay for shipping AGAIN, plus be responsible for the outstanding fees left by you. As such, any shipments that are refused as a result of any monies outstanding, WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, under any circumstance. The amounts paid for your backdrops, plus any shipping charges, will be retained and kept by us in FULL to cover the cost of manufacturing your order, plus the charges and damages incurred by refusing said order. Please refer to any available literature/calculators made available to you in your native country as it relates to this matter as there are many resources available online that will calculate the approximate cost of any fees that may be incurred. 

Will there be creases or folds on my backdrops?         
No. We do not fold or bend our backdrops at any point. When you receive your backdrop, it will be rolled. When storing your backdrops, we recommend that you store them rolled and to avoid compression . This helps protect from any damages as well as keep them wrinkle/crease free. 

Can I use your floordrops on carpet or soft surfaces?
You really shouldn't. Floordrops work best on hard, flat, and smooth surfaces. Drops are not 100% lay flat at times and do need to be secured with tape to the floors to create that tension and to keep the drop in place.  Using floordrops, even backdrops, on a soft or bumpy surface can cause damage to your backdrop or floordrop, which we cannot be accountable for. The use of plywood, plexiglass or other hard surfaces, between carpeting and your floordrop is highly recommended. 

Can I clean my backdrop? Specifically cake smashes?
Vinyl, absolutely. Vinyl floordrops are great for baby's and cake smashing sessions because of the ease of cleaning. Water and scratch resistant vinyl and inks make it super simple to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and let dry! Make sure to clean immediately after use as letting stains sit may actually get absorb and cause permanent discoloration to the Vinyl. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR CHEMICAL SOLVENTS! Doing so WILL damage your backdrop.
Warm soapy water works wonders and is the way to go.

I changed my mind after receiving my order, and would like to return it for a refund. (Order Cancellation - Refunds-Exchanges)     
All products are made to order based on the selected designs and sizes as placed by you. Because each backdrop & floor drop is custom printed, we do not offer refunds on any floor drops of backdrops. It is your responsibility to double check your order prior to checking out, and to ensure the size of the drops ordered suit the application in which they will be used. In the unlikely event that your drop is damaged upon receipt, you can return the item to us for another one (same size, same design). You must report damaged and/or missing backdrops within 3 business days upon receiving your order, or it will be assumed that damages and/or losses occurred from neglect or inappropriate use/care. Backdrop Shop reserves the right to decline, refuse and or cancel any orders for any reasons if we see fit.

Credit Card Charge Backs / PayPal disputes/ etc 
Every single item we print, is made to order. When orders comes in, we order our consumables based on volume of orders coming in. Meaning that while your order might not have physically been printed, the consumables for your backdrop order have been accounted and paid for. Once orders are placed, if we are not notified of a cancellation within 24 hours of placing the original order, they are considered final sale.
In the event's that a credit card company charge back be initiated, or a PayPal claim/dispute be submitted for any reason other than a VALID complaint, dispute or circumstance (incorrect design, size, material sent, damaged or defective item or fraudulently placed orders), we will place your file with a collection agency to recuperate all costs, including but not limited to the original retail cost of the items, any shipping charges and fees/costs incurred to process the original transaction, as well as any recovery collection charges as incurred by us to collect said monies. Receiving items and then reversing charges once items are received is considered theft, will be reported to the proper authorities and collective action be put into place.

What do I do if I want a backdrop reprinted?
In order for us to approve a reprint of a backdrop, any defects, imperfections or flaws must be large enough and easily noticeable during regular use of backdrops. Large format printing is meant to be viewed from a distance, in the Depth-Of-Field (DOF) of your shot, not from up close. In the majority of cases, what is thought to be a defect or issue in a print, is never actually discernible during regular use and doesn't affect the final photograph, as such is not grounds for a reprint.
If a material's or print's flaw, defect, damage or imperfection appears in a photo as shot and used normally, (not photographed under extremely close up)  we will reprint the same design on the same material ordered, and if shipping was originally chosen, we will arrange for the return, if necessary and deemed appropriate by us, and the reshipment of the new item. If the original backdrop was picked up, return of said drop and pick up of its new re-print is your responsibility. We will not pay for shipping items in orders that never had shipping charged to them initially. Please note any damaged backdrops you report to us CAN NOT BE USED, if they have been used after you reported the damage to us we will not move forward with printing another. 

Do you offer Gift Certificates 

Yes, we offer Gift Certificates in 3 amounts, $50, $100 or $200. Please follow the link below to purchase yours. Please note, gift certificates cannot be combined withy any other promotion or discount we have running as our site only allowed one spot for a discount code. Gift certificates will expire after 12 months and will not be able to be reactivated afterwards, Please make sure you keep track of the date it was purchased.  Gift cards, store credits etc cannot be combined with any sales our store is running. Due to us being a small family owned company we cannot match all prices, we do try to keep costs low so in doing so we do have a few limitations. 

The backdrop ordered isn't 100% identical to the image/colors seen on your site.          
We print in CMYK and your monitor is showing you RGB colors. There is also variances in colors between different monitors. All computer monitors, mobile devices and the like, will display colors slightly differently from each other. The colors shown on your Macbook, will vary from the colors shown on say a desktop. Actual printed drop will vary from what you see on screen. Monitors also have a nasty habit of displaying extremely high contrasts and over-saturated colors, which simply cannot be recreated in a printed format. Also we do have multiple printers and while we try to use the same printer for an order who has the same drops twice (i.e two vinyls, two polys etc) sometimes they are done on different printers so colour variation COULD be a slight difference in colour.

Also please keep in mind images seen on screen once blown up for a backdrop can appear pixelated, as backdrops are meant to be seen from a distance not up close. Once photographed properly the drop you will see photographs as it should

Please note sometimes in use photos do not display the best version of the drop, while we do our best to only post close representations sometimes how the final image is edited afterwards can and does change the backdrop. Please if you have any questions about the drop and how it displays do not hesitate to ask us first.

There will also be slight color saturation variances between Poly, Vinyl, Canvas and Fabric as each media has its own ink coverage requirements and different starting white points. This means if you ordered two identical designs, ie: our ButterCream Boards, but one on vinyl and the other on PolyPaper, THEY WILL NOT BE IDENTICAL. This is not valid grounds for exchanges or reprints.. Also if you order one backdrop and then a few months/years later decide to order the exact same one they will not be 100% identical, as we cannot guarantee it was printed on same printer, same inks etc, as we have multiple machines it can vary. If you want the drops to be identical we suggest ordering them at the same time so they both will come out back to back, otherwise we cannot guarantee they will match up accordingly.