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Caring for your drops

Preparing and caring for your backdrops and floor drops will help keep them in great condition. Neglect, misuse or failure to follow care instructions may inevitably lead to problem, or total destruction of your backdrop or floor drop. Though unlikely, they are not invincible.

Preparing your backdrop & floordrop for use

Before your backdrop or floor drop was printed, it was on a rolled tube. Then it got printed on and after we rolled it back up again for pickup or shipping. Even with curl resistant properties, after prolonged storage, materials tends to want to curl back up or retain its rolled form. BEFORE photographing on your new backdrop or floor drop, it is recommended to either have it hung up on a backdrop stand, taped up to a wall, or laid completely flat for a bit, sometimes for a few hours. Failure to prepare your drop before use may result in undesirable photographic results.

Using your PolyPaper backdrops

PolyPaper is a cost effective material that offers great printability, colour and resolution as well as a matte coating that helps ensure glare free photographing under almost all lighting conditions. It is tear resistant, as PolyPaper is not actually paper in the traditional sense but actually a synthetic material. It is however not completely water or scratch resistant and it's matte surface cannot be cleaned, unlike our Vinyl. Greater care must be taken to protect your PolyDrops from damage and messes, and we suggest using them only as backdrops. Though it is up to your discretion, we highly recommend opting for vinyl for floordrops.

Using your vinyl Floordrops

Our vinyl floor drops are incredibly tough, however they are not bullet proof. We recommend only using your floor drop against a hard, solid and smooth surface or floor. Using your drop against carpet or similar soft surfaces, will result in creases and if sharp objects, like chair legs are pushed onto the drop against a soft surface, perforation may occur. If the only place you can use your drop is where carpet exists, we suggest placing either plexiglass, plywood, or other similar products between the soft surface and your floor drop. 

Cleaning your vinyl backdrops or floordrops

Due to the nature of photographing babies, infants, toddlers or even teens and adults, at some point, your vinyl backdrop or floor drop will become dirty. Whether it's icing from a cake smash, the not so cute messes of newborns or just mud and dirt from shoes and foot traffic. Be careful though, as some food colourings or concentrated dyes may stain or discolour lighter toned drops, especially if it sits for a bit.
Clean up is simple however. We simply recommend wiping down your backdrop or floordrop with warm water, add small amounts of dish soap if needed. DO NOT use any oxidizing agents or harsh chemicals, such as bleach, ammonia, any oxygen enriched cleaning solutions and other similar products. Your backdrops and floor drops are printed using heat cured Eco Solvent inks. They are water-repellent, as they are outdoor grade inks and vinyl, however harsh and abrasive chemicals will eat away at the top layer of ink and/or act as a carrier for food dyes into the pores of the vinyl which may result in discolouration, staining, fading or even removing the design entirely. Once cleaned, wipe dry with a towel. Do not store or leave your backdrop or floor drop wet and do not let messes sit too long. Clean up immediately after a session is recommended 

Storing your backdrops or floordrops.

There is no magic way to store your backdrops or floor drops, however folding or tossing your backdrop aside without caution is not a good idea. For best results, and quickest setup/teardown, simply roll your backdrop or floordrop back up. Some photographers chose to roll the vinyl on PVC or hard tubing, however this is not a requirement. Avoid bending and/or compression of the rolled backdrop, as it will increase the time needed to prepare the backdrop before photographing. If vinyl is creased bue to folding in the middle or inproper storage, laying it flat with a gentle application of heat (from a hair drier or space heater for instance) will relax the material and help restore it to its original state. Folded Poly however will crease when folded and may cause permanent, irreversible damage.