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We need backdrop Testers!

Let's all agree on one thing. Buying online is HARD. You can get a headache just looking  around at so many shops and options and sizes and designs and deals and the list goes on and on... Is what you're looking at even real? Who even knows. 

What does make things a bit easier, is seeing how things are in real life. Or at the very least, how someone else uses the same or comparable item you yourself are considering getting.
Photographers look at other photographers they admire for inspiration and their own ideas. Sometimes, we all need that lil nudge to get rid of that Creative Block that might be stopping that creativity from flowing in your studio. We hum, we haw, we pin, we bookmark, and inevitably, we also procrastinate and second guess ourselves. But seeing So-and-So Photography using an awesome floral design, or colour scheme even just plain woods, bricks or colours, can definitely get your creative process going and help you design sets that are simply you and help wow your clients.

While this sample photo can give you an idea of how a drop *might* look (we've started this for all 2018 designs and up, so won't find these simulation in designs from years past), 

THIS actually gives you a feel of how a backdrop looks, photographs and comes through under normal shooting conditions.


A HUUUUUUGE factor when you look at how many 'China-drops' exist and the thousands of material variants that are out there (not all of which photograph all that nicely or glare-freely as we've learned the hard way in the past)

Same from looking at a design such as this : 

to actually using it with subjects (aka super hyper tiny humans ready to ransack your workspace any second now).

While lighting conditions (natural vs softbox vs umbrella vs etc) camera settings, as well as each and every photographers shooting style and editing process will inevitably vary, it can at least give you a sense of 'yes, i can definitely use that for that session' or 'no, that's not quite what i'm looking for and wouldn't know what do use it for.' But isn't it nice to make that decision PRIOR to dropping money on made to order items that can't easily be returned. Not just us but with any vendor that provides made to order items? We'd like to think so.

So basically, here's what we're looking for. We have somewhere upwards of a thousand designs to choose from on our site. There's maybe 25% (and that's generous) of those designs that over the years photographers have graciously shared their in use photo's from their sessions. What our goal is for 2018, is to get at least 60% of our designs displayed with in use photos from uber talented photographers, such as yourself. The more the merrier. And the reason is simple. You work crazy hard for your money, and dropping any funds on anything can be a pain, certainly when the item you receive doesn't quite fit the vision you had in your mind.

So in exchange for your watermarked, in use photo's of our printed backdrops, we want to offer you your choice of discounts on all designs that DO NOT have in use photos already. If the design you are looking for already has in use photos from another photographer, they are NOT part of the sale. Sorry in advance but there won't be any exclusion. They can be added in but will be reinvoiced at full price. Also sometimes we don't get images from tester sessions, and that bums us out a bit but we do get life is busy at times and things slip through the cracks, however if the deal is taken advantage of, and we don't receive in use photo's in a realistic time frame (say 2-4 weeks after receiving them) we will sadly be forced to add notes to accounts and continue to bar people from partaking in these types of offers. It's a two way street. We want to scratch your back and keep being able to offer competitive deals and promos, but we need your help too fulfilling the terms and conditions of these sales.

So on ECO-PolyPaper and PolyPaper PRO, we want to offer 25% off OR a Buy 3 Get 1 Free with FREE SHIPPING (or up to $35 discounted on shipping if it exceeds that)

On VinylDrops, we want to offer you 34 % off, OR a Buy 2 Get 1 Free with FREE SHIPPING (or up to $35 discounted on shipping if it exceeds that)

There will only be 30 codes for the PolyPaper deals, and only 15 for the Vinyl deals. Once their gone, that's it, it won't work anymore, so try the other one if you still want to take advantage of these discounted offers with free shipping.  Also there is a maximum of 6 drops per shipping tube, so larger orders have to be placed 6 at a time. Anything beyond that will cause orders to be partially refunded and/or cancelled entirely.

Production on these will not be subject to standard times, as they are sale orders, however we anticipate being able to get all orders out in a 15-30 business day time frame. Rush and/or guaranteed production/expedited shipping is not available with these sales. Free shipping (or the $35 off shipping, whichever is the lesser) will be refunded manually after the order has been placed.

Deals will end on January 11th 2018 OR when all the codes are used up, whichever occurs first.

Codes for the PolyPaper deal is  ' POLYTESTERS
Codes for the Vinyl deals is ' VINYLTESTERS

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