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Spring is here, and it's out with the old and in with the new! So why not make backdrops a part of your Spring refresh?!

Tell ya what... We'll give you a darn good reason to stock up on backdrops, despite being in the middle of everyone's faaaaavourite time of the year. Tax Season *insert immense sarcasm here *. Ready for the good news?!

Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Sitewide. On ALL materials :D

Not a typo. Just a great reason to get as many new drops as possible, all the while keeping 50% of your hard earned moola in your pockets.

  • Deals running only until Sunday April 7th at Midnight E.S.T. or once all codes are used.
  • There are only 20 codes to be used on PolyPaper and 30 for Vinyl's and Fabrics! SO IF THEY ALL ARE USED BEFORE SUNDAY THE CODE WILL NO LONGER WORK
  • If you want to cancel/change your order you MUST do so within 48-72 hours as afterwards your order is accounted for in the materials we order and cannot be cancelled.
  • That's pretty much it. So if you snooze, you lose. Time to get shopping!
  • This sale is for NEW orders only, existing order cannot get refunds but if you wish to take part you can add a free one to your order if you qualify. 

We print orders from first received to last one ordered, so printing times vary. However with all sales, due to increased volumes, we ask that you account roughly for  4 weeks or so for production. Custom / client provided designs are excluded from this sale. Maximum of 2 free backdrops per order and per material.

So go on, and make sure you use the coupon code ' BOGOMADNESS ' to get those free backdrops.

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