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Materials Compared

Everyone is always looking for feedback or asking us about the different materials. Not everyone has had a chance to order our older PolyPaper Pro, which was removed from our lineup between Feb 2015 to Oct 2015.

We understand everyone has a budget to adhere to, and every photographer has a different need or use for their backdrops, and floordrops. We are always looking for the best bang for our buck, hence why were re-introduced the PolyPaper Pro, while keeping our current, now called Eco-Poly along  with a lower, reduced price-point.

With that being said, each material has it's benefits and advantages. While they are all tear resistant, and completely glare free, PolyPaper Pro and Vinyl offer increasing levels of scratch resistance and durability. HOWEVER, backdrops are still a printed product, they do have to be handled with a certain level of care. How 'tough' backdrops are depends on the material selected, but inevitably, abuse and improper handling will cause premature failure and damage to your drops. Damage, that we do not assume responsibility for under any circumstance or material selected.

Intentionally, or unintentionally damaging a backdrop, regardless of if it's within the same day of receipt, or months later is not grounds for an exchange, free reprint, refund or store credit. As always though, incorrectly printed backdrops, drops with visible shipping damage, or anything with a defect as a result of printing will be exchanged and reprinted at no cost.

So how do you know what material to order?

EcoPolyPaper - Good for limited use when you need a design that won't get used too often or only for a few sessions. Offers the least amount of scratch resistance and should not under any circumstance, be used as a floor drop and cannot be cleaned of stains or messes.

PolyPaper Pro - When you're looking for a backdrop that'll last you a little longer. Thicker media and inkjet coating offers better, richer colorus than Eco-PolyPaper, much greater scratch resistance and can withstand a bit more abuse. Can be used as a FloorDrop, but greater care must be taken as the matte inkjet coating can and will be scratched off if props are slid across the drop. Use of Plexiglass or clear acrylic is recommended overtop of PolyPro to avoid damage and messes as PolyPaper Pro cannot be wiped clean.

Vinyl - The best of our materials. Great if tend to abuse your backdrops and floordrops. Vinyl can be cleaned after cake smashes, or of footprints and any other messes that may come your way. It is also our thickest material, and offers deep, rich colours and darks. Not completely bulletproof, but pretty darn close.

We've always tried our best to communicate as well as possible with our clients about everything as it relates to our product or business operations.  We want you to be able to make informed purchasing decisions, and have the best, and most cost effective materials to choose from. We hope this Star rating chart puts into perspective each of the materials and how they stack up against each other.

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  • Iften Redjah on

    Hie. I’m a photographer in Rimouski (Qc). I will place an order in the next few days for 3 to 5 5×7 vinyl backdrops. I’m very interested by the “Graph Paper” background (Back to school) for school photography of course…
    However, people here are a bit peaky about the language and I might not make lots of friends if the background is in english… Hahaha
    I would like to know if it possible to customize that particular background or if you have its equivalent in french (Retour à l’école)

    Thank you
    Iften R.

    cell. : 581.246.3943

  • Charlene Codio on

    Hi I just put in a big order for a bunch of drops. I am a little worried now that I just read the difference in quality of paper between the eco drops and the poly drops. Am I going to be disappointed with the eco because $70 is still quite a bit of money to pay for a drop that is dull in color and not scratch resistant? I am almost wondering if I want to switch papers? Please help.


  • Tracy Marland Photography on

    I have purchased several vinyl backdrops and I am extremely pleased with the quality and durability. I would definitely recommend backdrops from Lollipop Drop Shoppe.

  • Mariane on

    Great product and quick delivery! Very please with the product I ordered the Chareed Red Barn looks so real and durable! Thank You! Will definitely order my next backdrop here again!

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