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Important changes - EcoPolyPaper, PolyPaper Pro and Vinyl Materials


Since our start in 2013, many of you have followed us during our growth, and experiencing them with us.

We've always worked as transparently as possible with our clients, especially when it came to important changes regarding materials, pricing, production times etc. We always have our ears to the ground, listening to the feedback, compliments, complaints, concerns and wishes of all of our clients.

We are all in the same boat. With the USD to CAD exchange rate killing our ability to purchase from the US, everyone is finding any reason at all to keep their hard earned cash this side of the border. For good reason... Do you really want to pay $260 CAD for a $200 USD purchase? Probably not.

When the dollar first starting tanking, we made a change in our PolyPaper provider. We went to a thinner, more economical brand of PolyPaper to help fight increasing our prices. Since then the older, original Poly has been off the table and unavailable and hasn't really left our clients with a ton of choice.

We are however pleased to announce that we are adding our old, thicker, original PolyPaper back as a product offering, while keeping our existing lower-cost poly in place as well (with a price reduction we might add).

This means you currently have three options too choose from when buying a drop from us. Eco-PolyPaper (7 mil), PolyPaper Pro (9 mil) and our unchanged Vinyl.

All materials, guaranteed glare-free as always. Eco-PolyPaper has had a price reduction and will start at $40 (instead of $45). PolyPaper Pro will start at $55 and 5ft series Vinyl's have been reduced in price as a result of our increasing volumes, 4ft series are unaffected.

So you would choose Eco-PolyPaper if you are looking for a cost effective, shorter term solution for a backdrop. Seasonal designs, single use sessions or if you are simply getting your feet wet in the world of studio portraiture. (Use as a FloorDrop is NOT recommended).
Select PolyPaper Pro if you want a more durable Poly option, with darker darks and brighter (more saturated) colours than the Eco-Poly Paper, better Scratch-resistance along with better lay flat/hang flat properties. (We still do NOT recommend this Poly, or ANY polypaper, ours or otherwise, for use as a FloorDrop)
As always, if you are looking for the ultimate in backdrop and floor drop durability, one that can be cleaned after cake smashes and withstand much more of a beating on everyday use, Vinyl Drops are the way to go.

We are working on our site daily, and will notice these changes on our most recently added backdrop designs, trickling their way down to our oldest additions. We are working as fast as possible, but if the selection is not available on the design you want, let us know so that we can send a manual invoice in the interim.

As always he hope that in making these changes, we are better serving your needs and wants as photographers, and that we are on our way to being Canada's one stop Shoppe backdrop company. 

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  • melanie on

    hey I was just wondering if you have any discounts on right now as I was getting ready to order some new Christmas backdrops because my usual vendor that I order from is in the states and I wanted to stay with Canadian but they have a coupon on now for 30% off so I can order 2 drops from them with exchange and shipping for under $200 and for the same size with you guys it’s $260.00 so just wanted to check before I order…thanks!

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