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Changes to PolyPaper Backdrops

Well it was bound to happen eventually. The impasse has been reached and something had to give... With the increasing difference between the Canadian and US dollar, it was just a matter of time before that gap started affecting businesses this side of the border.

We started the year off with an 8% base increase in the cost of our PolyPaper material. This came from the manufacturer directly as a result of their operating cost increases, which in turn trickled down to us. Whatever, we said. We decided it was in the best interest of our clients to take that 8% out of our back end, as to not affect the pricing structure of our PolyDrops. Now, sadly we've been plagued with the price difference as a result of the exchange rate between the US and CAD dollars. The same material we've now been using since our inception, is now 25% more to purchase just because of the weakening dollar. Even with higher volume purchasing agreements in place, we cannot come close enough to closing the gap in order to keep our backdrop pricing the same.

BUT, and there's always a but, because we did see this coming. We knew it was just a matter of time before we had to make the decision to either keep on the same path, and charge you more for it, OR find a suitable alternative to replace our existing material and keep everything the same, which is exactly what we did.

Effective immediately, as we've exhausted our existing PolyPaper stash and we will be printing and shipping out PolyDrops on a newly sourced PolyPaper material,(Eco Poly) with no effect on our existing pricing structure. Why the blog post? Because we don't want you to think we are trying to sell you a Hyundai and convince you it's a Honda (not that there are anything wrong with either brands I might add).

The newly acquired PolyPaper material is still 100% completely Glare-Free, as you would expect from any of our Photographic backdrop materials. It does however feel different to the touch compared to the old Poly. Our outgoing material was 8.7 to 9 mils in thickness while the new Poly is an even 7 mils, making it marginally lighter & thinner. The Matte surface coating of the new poly also has a smoother feel/texture compared to the outgoing material and is a little less scratch resistant then our old poly. The material overall however, offers the same level of tear resistance  you'd expect from a PolyPaper backdrop. As an added plus, colour gamut is increased slightly, making colour pop a tad more than before and darks can print a bit darker, creating a small increase in contrast and adding to the detail of drop. This materials coating can scratch a little easier than the old stuff so please be careful how you hand then drops or what you set on them. Put an old poly and a new poly side by side to photograph and we know you will not be disappointed in any way. From a photographic standpoint, it's business as usual with this new PolyPaper. As it does come from a different manufacturer, we wanted to be transparent in our transition to the new materials.  

All in all, it's an exceptional PolyPaper material and our only goal was to ensure the same quality in PolyPaper backdrops as before and to make sure we can still offer competitive pricing compared to other backdrop companies for Canadian (and American) photographers.

As always please email us at or reach out to us through our site and/or Facebook page if you have any questions or concerns.

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