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All-In-One Backdrops and Floordrops

Since our inception, many have asked about all-in-one drops. For those hearing about this for the first time, an all-in-one is both a backdrop, and a floordrop, printed together as one large single product. An all-in-one combines two essential items into one, leaving you with quicker and simple setups and takedowns. It also eliminates the amount of space a drop will take when stored (one single drop versus two individual ones). And for many, the largest and greatest convenience is a seamless, smooth transition from backdrop to floordrop, without trimming, folding, tucking or the use of baseboards and other concealing products.

Effective immediately, we are processing orders for all in one backdrops. What does this mean for you? Instead of paying for two regular priced 5ft x 5ft Vinyl backdrops ($180), you will only be paying the 5 x 10 VinylDrop price of $160!!!


Simple add in One, Two or Three of the following to your shopping cart :

From there you can choose if you want your all in one to be 4ft x 8ft or 5ft x 10ft in size.

Ordering a 4 x 8 All-in-one will leave you with two 4ft x 4ft sections for each the backdrop and a floordrop portion of the drop.

Ordering a 5 x 10 will leave you with two 5ft x 5ft sections each 
the backdrop and a floordrop portion of the drop.


Why Vinyl only you ask? Well a Lollipop VinylDrop can be wiped clean of messes, debris, footprints and even after the messiest of cake smashes. PolyPaper cannot. If a PolyPaper drop is used as a floor, it will have a significantly shorter lifespan and be ruined compared to it's Vinyl counterpart, which is designed to take the abuse. As we do not want you to continuously have to re-purchase drops simply because of unavoidable mishaps and damage to the PolyPaper floor portion of the drop, we feel Vinyl All-In-One Drops is the best and most cost effective way to go.

The following is our Cream Painted Planks & Solid Cream all-in-one drop (found here). All-in-one backdrop and floordrop combos are a great way to create a seamless look to your photos right off the bat and saves you the time usually spent editing your photo after the fact, or even in just setting up drops in such a way to give the appearance of continuity.

By placing an order you acknowledge that you have read and understood all terms and conditions, as mentioned in this post, as well as in our FAQ's/Store Policies which can be found here and you agree to be bound to them.

If in doubt, please contact us via our page, Facebook, email or by phone and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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