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PolyPaper backdrops and 5ft printing capabilities

Lollipop Drop Shoppe, Canada's premium source for vinyl photography backdrops and floordrops, is excited to announce that we are adding the incredibly sought after, versatile and cost effective PolyPaper to our line up.

This means that ALL our designs, past, present and future, will be able to be printed on not only our super-durable 15oz vinyl, but be able to be ordered and printed on 9oz glare-free and tear free PolyPaper (aka PolyDrops).

With this exciting announcement, comes backdrops now starting at only $45!!!! This leaves you with PolyPaper backdrops and floordrops with a lower price point than any Canadian and American company!

And timing couldn't be better for us. We are awaiting delivery and installation of our brand spanking new, 5ft large format printer. This incredibly exciting acquisition now gives us the capability to print PolyDrops and VinylDrops in new 5ft (60inch) heights by up to 10ft lengths.

Our new printed is scheduled to be delivered and installed April 14th, and we will also be receiving our 3200 square feet of pre-sold PolyDrops to go with it.

As of April 7th however, we are losing our current 4ft printer and as such, all orders both PolyPaper and Vinyl, will not begin fulfilment until the week of April 14th. Keep this in mind when placing orders for the new sizes or materials. Once the dust settles, we will be able to guarantee order fulfillment (shipping excluded) within 2 to 3 business days.

Contact us with any questions and concerns.

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