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We're Open!!!

After photographing professionally for over 4 years, enough was enough!

We, like many, were so frustrated and tired of ordering our backdrops and floordrops from US based companies. As Canadian's, we are all limited on where we can find quality, professional, affordable backdrops to use in our home and commercial photography studio's.

With no companies offering vinyl backdrops and floordrops in Canada, we took it upon ourselves to fill that void. There is clearly a demand for backdrops, as any photographer who shoots indoors, HAS to pose their subjects against SOMETHING. Well that something has got to be better than the same painted wall over and over again.

Backdrops are the quickest and easiest way to change the tone and feel of a photograph. Plain white paper has its appeal, but is it really the best option for a little boy's 1st birthday photo's? With so many different types of shoots available, as well as themes, setups etc, a photographer has infinite options to add their style and creativity to their shoots. Backdrops and floordrops are a big way to change that all in a heart beat.

We set out to find the highest quality vinyl materials, which will stand up to even the rowdiest of toddlers. We wanted inks and media that would be able to take the beating of the dreaded cake smash. We wanted something that can be easily cleaned in case of the occasional newborn whoopsies, which let's be real, we've all experienced an accident at one point in our careers. Above all else, we wanted to be affordable! We wanted to be an attractive option for local photographers. No we cannot compete with the price point of lower grade products, just like a Audi R8 simply doesn't cost the same as a Honda Civic. But we wanted to be aggressive! 

The biggest issue we all face when ordering from the US, is high shipping and inevitable customs/brokerage charges. While one of our backdrops may be $30 more for a comparable products (for example), that same product from the us, will be cheaper... Until you add the $30-$50 to get it shipped to Canada. Then when you do go pick it up, you are charged an additional $35 for customs, duties and brokerage fees. All of a sudden, the $30 perceived savings ordering from the US, is no longer there. In the end, you always, always ALWAYS end up paying more than you accounted for.

We are here to change that. Our photography backdrops and floordrops are printed by us, in Courtice, Ontario. Canadian photographers making photography backdrops and floordrops for professional photographers... That just makes sense. You don't ask a chef to fix your car, or your hairdresser to do your taxes.

So what are you waiting for? We are constantly adding new designs and products, we are bound to have something to take your photography to the next level.

And if you don't see exactly what you want, let us know, we will happily customize a design for you (for a small fee). Or you can even work with us and send us YOUR design or images, and let us turn them into backdrops or floordrops!


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